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Author Topic: Scratch built electrc  (Read 668 times)


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Re: Scratch built electrc
« on: May 12, 2021, 04:51:08 pm »
Neat & clean boat construction there Bill. Are you working from a plan or is it your own design?

Finished product looks just the thing for the twin outboards..... though the steering seems just a touch squirrely, or maybe it's just that the captain has been into the rum locker again?!?!?  ;c)

Thanks Daniel,

Definately squirrely steering, ok maybe I passed by the rum locker on my way to the dock, but just for a moment. ;)

The plan I based it on was an old one called the Dolphin 16.

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I had to scale it up as the outboards are huge, as you can see in the photo below they are about 10" high.

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I had only one outboard installed on the boat when I the video was taken.


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