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Engine of the Month Rules
« on: June 25, 2019, 04:32:07 pm »
This is for your enjoyment and shall be fun.

1. There will be 1 entry per person per month allowed.
2. You must own the engine submitted.
3. You must be the copyright holder of the photograph submitted or have permission to use it if taken by a friend or family member.
    In plain English, we'd like your picture of your engine.
4. If you are the lucky winner, please don't enter again for the next two months.
5. *Entries will be PM'd to Gil -  RedRyder  by the date and time stated in the monthly invitation thread.
6. If there is ever a tie, I will try to post both pictures. If that doesn't work we can flip a coin.
7. A little shameless self promotion is fine as long as it remains fun.
8. Lobbying on behalf of a fellow member is also welcome.
9. Have fun
10.    If you didn't see rule #9.....Have fun..!

Finally... If any of you have any suggestions please share them.
While they may not all be implemented, they will all be heard.

*  For now, Re: Entry submission:
     Please use this e-mail:  Red Ryder <>


I will put up a new post requesting entries each month. After the entry time is finished, 5 names will be drawn from a hat by Mrs RedRyder or me. This will be filmed and a short video published each month to show the 5 finalists. The poll will go up with a day or two of the drawing (I'll do my best and might need help!) Ideally the poll will be open for at least 2 weeks and maybe a bit longer.
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