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Author Topic: 2:17 Running with 10 cc in tank of a Jin M90. edited.. It holds 16 cc (ml) running nearly 5 hours!  (Read 292 times)


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Hi Daniel, I know it zapped you but you still might try a fresh set of batteries. It makes a difference. My batteries had been in a while and it started to act up about 3 hours into the run. I turned it off long enough to replace the 3 batteries.

Also it doesn't jump around because I run a bungee cord across the desk over the top of it.


I was running on two brand new batteries and an old .308 case. Will go back to three batteries on the next run, and maybe do a little timing experimentation, but I'm still weirded out by it quitting on me, and not restarting easily nor right away, so investigating that issue may be next before trying any other endurance tests.

Didn't actually zap me too bad as I was holding the wire insulation some distance from the end and letting it do its arcing through the length of the clear tubing to the engine water tank. Threw a good spark withing the tubing to engine ground, but I was surprised to feel it back along the insulated wire as well.
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I use all three batteries all the time.
Even after 3 hours the ignition module doesn't even get warm.

I checked the batteries I removed yesterday when it started missing hits and they all had just 1.09 volts remaining.
These really need the 3 fresh batteries.

Three new batteries.... I think.... should be good for 6 hours strong running.?

Perhaps some could keep a battery run time in use log and let us know the voltage and total run time as they weaken.



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