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Title: Invitation for October Engine of the Month (EOTM) Entries - Theme: BOATS & LAUNCHES
Post by: RedRyder on August 01, 2020, 10:44:29 am
Theme for October will be Boats and Launches.
Invitation will be open through September 12th for the October Engine of the Month Contest.

Greetings from the Office of Steam,
We are looking forward to substantial participation in our October EOTM contest.
Previous entries not selected can be used.
Please send your entries to RedRyder.   
See notice below. Entries will be emailed to RedRyder at this time.

Boats and Launches are the theme for October.

Invite period remains open until the
12th of SEPTEMBER midnight Eastern time.
The New Poll will go up as quickly as possible after AUGUST 12th.
Voting will remain open until midnight eastern time SEPTEMBER 30th.

The winner will grace the bottom and top of all our pages for the month of OCTOBER.
If I fail to turn the voting off on time, only those votes placed before the announced end will be counted.

Notice:  It has been pointed out that we do not yet have a way to attach photos to PM's.