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Off Topic / Re: Turtle hatch.
« Last post by Nick on 4 hours ago »
Cute little guys, we used to love finding them at the cabin as kids and keeping them as pets for a couple days. Will have to show my wife the video when she gets home... Did all the eggs hatch? Looks like you had quite a few there.
Off Topic / Turtle hatch.
« Last post by Pitchy on 4 hours ago »
A painted turtle lays some eggs in the yard a few months ago and they hatched today.
We took them to the lake and let them loose.  :)
I used one in the dome light of my Edsel. It wasn't much of a hit, either.
Classifieds - For Sale / Re: Modified Jensen 85
« Last post by RedRyder on 8 hours ago »
Will do and maybe I can get Ci Ci to help me run it.

Spoke to Bill and he is also looking forward to your new modified Jensen.
It would have been interesting to see how it looked before the cleanup, but it sure looks good now.
Off Topic / Coat shoe bench
« Last post by Pitchy on 8 hours ago »
We made this hallway coat shoe bench yesterday  :)

Off Topic / Re: Ebay steering people away from USPS ?
« Last post by Jasper on 9 hours ago »

I was getting ready to print off a address label for a parcel on eBay that I had sold & while in the process , this warning popped up, never seen anything like this before.
USPS routing through major hub in Chicago, Il is currently experiencing a rash of violent shootings. Since you are in Indiana,  perhaps the warning is a regional message from ebay.
Full Sized Gas & Oil Engines & Tractors / Farmall & Burr Mill
« Last post by Nick on 9 hours ago »
Had some fun grinding up corn yesterday. Let the kids shell it first, then we fed it through the burr mill, followed by the cobs. Was too busy early on making sure they were safe to get any video, but got some video of them sending it through a second time to grind it a little finer
You have a very nice looking engine now  8)  great to see you’re getting hooked  :D

Did you fire this on Esbit? I would highly recommend looking into a gas burner. Unfortunately that will cost the same as the engine itself, But you can use it in your future engines  ;)

As for the next engine, keep an eye out for an older wood-based Jensen 25 with a heavy flywheel. They can be found for under $150 and being your in MN, they are great for indoor running all winter long.

Like Randy, I think I’m up somewhere around 60-80 Jensens too now... It can become very addicting!
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