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Nice video Charlie,  thanks for taking the time & effort to do this....while on the road no less.
Engine Shows / Re: Cabin Fever Road Trip
« Last post by St Paul Steam on 2 hours ago »
Safe travels Y'all, what an incredible adventure, Danny...I met your wife right before we left & she is a delight.
It may be  A. Haigh.

That said I know little more about it other than it seemed to be an exceptional piece that is both stout and elegant... and... oh yes....heavy!
A very complete engine. I agree with Mike that it brought all the money. Definitely the most money in the room in my three years of attendance. A Trump Bump Year.

Mike got the deal of the CF Auction IMHO with a Boucher Boiler at the end of the Auction.

But, Jed got the best deal.......I will leave it to Jed to share the rest of the story. 🤠
Great video, Charlie!

Thanks for posting it.

More important, it was great to see you again and meet Danny and Myriam and hang out with everyone.

Engine Shows / Re: Cabin Fever Road Trip
« Last post by txlabman on 2 hours ago »
I am blushing Nick. What a wonderful time we had at Cabin Fever. 🤠

We made it fro Lebanon PA to Fairmont WV today. We had dinner at a great Italian Restaurant where my wife and I ate almost 35 years ago for our first anniversary.

Tomorrow we will drive 300 miles to Lexington KY for a visit with Brent and then onto Birmingham to visit with Benny.

The one with the dome also looks like it has the original style water pump.
So very likely the prototype.
I had not spotted that... note that your picture with the larger dome/whistle combo does not have any stickers or tags on the base, making me think it's an earlier/prototype picture. I went to youtube and found a half a dozen or so videos. They all match your picture without the dome, even the wooden box is engraved to match. But, there is a video of the prototype at the Nόrnberg toy fair, and that engine does have the large dome. So I guess my thoughts are the large dome was the original idea, but didn't make it to production, unless anyone knows different?
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