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Talked to Steward on the phone a bit ago, he is in pretty bad shape after being in the hospital a number of times since we chatted in April.  Anyways, he tells me the one I got from my brother (little one) is rarer than then one I just bought off eBay.  Seems they didn't make very many small ones and he says I am pretty lucky (he doesn't even have a small one and he has crap tons of Empire stuff).
Have fun at Baraboo, wish I could make it over!
There is a Ferris Wheel for sell right now on eBay.  No, it isn't mine ;-)

Scarce Vintage Large Empire Ferris Wheel Steam Toy Circa 1933-40

I realized this isn't the same as the one I got from my brother for my bday.  So the seller accepted my offer, after two tries ... so I bought it :-)

The B30 is in USPS hands and should be here on Friday!  Looks like I'll have some fun and with a little luck have my B35 working under its own steam.
Nice setup Brad , I like the unusual Mic display you have. 😀
Our first steam plant exhibit was last weekend at the Wisconsin Steam Engine Show in Chilton, WI. Everything worked well. I did have to add two stop valves in the water lines to stop the water in the tank from being siphoned into the boiler upon cooling and forming a vacuum. Engines ran well. Three day show this weekend at Baraboo, WI.
One in good condition (water tub not rusted out) have been fetching $80-$120 depending on condition. just seems like a few years ago you could by them for $45 all day long.

I hope @ShadetreeMotorcycle found his Empire pump.  I decided on getting one on eBay but it was $145 (just under $170 shipped).  It seems to be in okay shape or at least for how it will match up to my other Empire stuff.
Wanted / Empire B34 Variable Speed Unit
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I would very much like to get my hands on an Empire B34 Variable Speed Unit. It would go very nicely with my Empire B35 Engine, B36 Windmill, and B47 Ferris Wheel :-)


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Great brother!  Great batch of Empire products.

The turbine was produced mostly in the late 20's
thru the late 30's.

The waterpump/windmill is cool when running.

The Ferris Wheel, produced from 1933 till 1940 is
a real rarity.  Never seen one for sale on EBAY in
the four years I've been looking.

Time to get the engine running!  You could power it
with compressed air just to listen to it wind up to
a shrill whine.

Good Luck,

Finally got a band on the Windmill and it hooked up to my D10.  I have ordered some bands from the UK via eBay (longer) and some off Amazon (shorts).
Bruce, please tell me that those are typos and there should be an extra zero before where the decimal point is supposed to be ..... you know, $350 and $300, not $35 and $30.
Nope Daniel, it's just as I, I would have handed him $150 without batting an eye.
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