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Hi Rich, I would absolutely believe the lengths you go to to acquire the right part for another engine. 

I have been there, done that and understand it..!
Off Topic / Re: Didn’t plan on getting a deer this season…
« Last post by Nick on 5 hours ago »
Hey...your van didn't look like that when you were at my house last Saturday 😳
I hope everyone's ok...

I’m glad I made it to your place before I decided to wreck my van 😂
Off Topic / Re: Didn’t plan on getting a deer this season…
« Last post by Nick on 5 hours ago »
Ouch!  Hope you brought the deer home ;-)

It wasn’t too big and pretty well done for after I got done with it 😂

With the boiler test complete the safety valve was taken apart and clean and the stainless steel ball had its mineral deposits removed.  With this done the boiler was put back in its casing, filled with water, and connected to the engine for the first steam test of boiler and engine for many years. A shot video is at:

Take care Tony.
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Hey Gil, thank you for the offer it is very tempting but I'll have to pass.  I am sure passing on your offer will weigh on me for a bit!

Aside from it being a later model for the sight glass fittings, my OCD would force me to look for a parts only B-35 to get it's label (not easy for a B-35).  You wouldn't believe the lengths I have gone for things like that and the proper whistle toppers.
That is a very nice B-35, if it was the older style "round" sight glass fittings I would be VERY tempted.  My B-35 plating isn't in good shape at all, though I am attached to it a bit as it is the engine that got me into collecting Empires (it was a basket case when I got it).

Hi Rich, If you would like to add this to your collection, I will drop the price to 220 including postage.

Boats, Pond Yachts / Re: Help with a Stuart Turner Henley
« Last post by Stoker on 7 hours ago »
Thank you for the detailed reply Tony ....... "Right as Rain" in your usual fashion, which is why I enjoy, while often also learning, by watching your threads!
Hi Daniel,

"I do realize that hard solder makes a much stronger and higher temperature joint, but at that nipple's location, away from any flame and only likely to experience steam temperature, I would think that a soft solder joint would work just fine. Am I missing something, or are you simply being certain that everything is done as right as rain?"

A soft soldered nipple would be more than adequate and possibly originally used by Stuart Turner. It would have been left had the solder not boiled during the annealing process. The nipple was hard soldered as it is my default when soldering all boiler fittings, possibly because in the days of gainful employment I rarely used anything else.

Have a great Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Take care Tony.
Wonderful model engine!
Sulzer was a famos producer of steam engines (later diesel engines) in Switzerland (Winterthur; anther big one was Escher-Wyss, Zürich). They were famous also for their ship's engines.

Thank you, Thomas!

I always enjoy your posts.
This time you have given us Escher-Wyss, yet another constructor to research.

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