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Nice Jan :)

Nice work Jan , does the job nicely.
Thanks guys  :)

...and Bruce, it actually does.
Goes without saying that any can could collect the condensate, but the heavy base on these casings makes them sit very stable, having to be tilted more than 30 degrees off vertical to tip over.
Jan, if you decide to start selling these, please put me down for one!
Thanks Ted, very flattering, but i won΄t.

Anyway, if something similar is desired, it is much more fun and very easy to make it yourself :)
Jan, that is a great use for some serious brass you have there!

Is the taller one an Anti-Aircraft Artillery shell?

Could easily have been Gil, as this shell is used for just that.

Unfortunately mine has a less intriguing history, as it lived its life as a blank "salute shell".
...I do believe you will find that extra barb to be of advantage from time to time.
Thanks Daniel!

I did "see the light", inspired by your past remarks.
Am certain they΄ll come in handy, not just for twins, but also when running two engines side by side.

DANG! What if those two are 55s...need to make one with 4 barbs now ::)
You could make it yourself, and if not contact a local glazier, and get him to cut one for you in the correct thickness.

Made a couple myself, back when i collected Wilesco. They were made from unidentified scrap glas, and has held up fine.
However, later wisdom forces me to recommend a confirmed borosilicate glasstype, as it has a very low thermal expansion.
Bad luck for me, my first name is Raphaλl but my mast one is not K...  ;D
Jan, if you decide to start selling these, please put me down for one!
Nice work Jan , does the job nicely.
They sold under the Montgomery Ward name also I believe.
I seen on Ebay that someone is selling a Cooper Bros branded Jensen engine which reminded me that I have a similar model up in the attic.  It's kind of a basket case, really, as I didn't realize when I bid on it that the boiler has pretty extensive damage.

Anyway, my question is who were the Cooper Bros and why did Jensen sell their engines under their name tag?  I can't recall seeing any other Jensen engines being marked with another name.
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April EOTM Winner: Elwin

“1/3 Scale Case Steam Traction Engine“