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Sorry for your loss, Daniel.

Off Topic / Re: Had to bury a bestest friend today ......
« Last post by Nick on 3 hours ago »
Sorry to hear Daniel
Congratulations on reaching a design decision. Sometimes that can be the toughest part of a build!
Oh my, those two have a lot of engines.
They're about 108 miles, or less than 2 hours from me.
I wonder if he has many small steam engines ?
I'm looking for a chuff pot or similar item for a Jensen engine exhaust. Looking where to buy one, one being sold or can make one for me, Just need something to catch the hot sputtering water that will compliment the engine. Also any ideas,

Thanks, Rich
Roger, You should go!
You, too, Bruce if you are reading this.

If I were that close there is no way I would miss it.

I first met Kenny and Wendy at Coolspring in 2004 or 2005 and have visited with them nearly every year since then at Coolspring. They always had an amazing and diverse collection with them. If you go you may catch a glimpse of the only known original 2 HP Vaughn that Debolt Machine measured and made Scale models of. He always had lots of interesting model steam and gas engines. If you wanted to go over and view the items before the final day I am sure you could call and arrange for it. Ken is a super nice fellow, a real gentleman, and a sharp trader.

Off Topic / Re: 1965 Buster Keaton in "The Railrodder"
« Last post by Pitchy on 6 hours ago »
That was great.   8)
Wow, Peru Indiana is not that far from me...I better NOT go or I will have a handful of those follow me home!

Off Topic / Re: Had to bury a bestest friend today ......
« Last post by Pitchy on 7 hours ago »
Sorry for loss Daniel, hard. Too lose a pet.
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Nick's 2" Coles 65 hp Case Traction Engine

2 inch Coles 65 HP Case Traction Engine