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Author Topic: Rust-Oleum High Heat Paint  (Read 19 times)

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Rust-Oleum High Heat Paint
« on: May 14, 2022, 01:01:27 pm »
I have always used VHT high heat paint ,2000 degree, for boiler houses and such. You know
the routine, spray it, let dry, and bake it a couple of times. I never got a good gloss
finish from it, more of a satin semi gloss. Found this Rust-Oleum high heat paint,
2000 degree clear gloss. VHT makes a clear but satin. When the R-O showed up the label said
clear, not clear gloss like it showed on line. It does have the same product number above
the bar code, #260771. Tried it on a test piece and it's shiny. Did the black, dried, baked,
cooled and sprayed the clear. It was shiny out of the can, shiny after it dried and shiny
after it baked and cooled. I just thought I would pass this on to those who would like a
shinier finish then semi gloss. I hope this helps somebody.
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