Author Topic: The Coming Months.... September 2019 and Last Quarter Contests for Engine Of The Month  (Read 66 times)


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The present contest (open to all entries) poll will be up as soon as possible after the hat draw August 11th or 12th for the 5 finalists and end on August 31st for display through the month of September.

In late August we will request entries and accept submissions through September 10 followed by a poll for the October display.This will be specifically for locomotives.

In late September we will request entries and accept submissions through October 10th for the contest for the November display. This will be specifically for boats.

The next contest will be open to all and shall be Christmas themed for display in the month of December.


...Engine of the month winner is Dan's Carette 677/8 ....  photo Carette 677-8     ca 1911 543x640.jpg