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Author Topic: New Show Videos from Rough & Tumble, Jacktown, and Dublin NH plus Eliot Main & Connecticut Antique Machinery  (Read 279 times)


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Greetings all,
I finally found the time to get caught up on my video editing and publishing.
Below are links to 7 videos covering 3 shows providing over 3 hours of new film for your viewing pleasure.
4 hours of viewing including the 2 from a few weeks ago.

Get a snack and a beverage.
Here are two I published a few weeks ago (you may have seen these 2)
Eliot, Maine Show at the Raitt Farm Museum

Connecticut Antique Machinery Assoc. Show
And…… Here are the newly minted films
Jacktown Antique Engine Show in Bangor, PA

Steam Traction Engines and Tractor Games at Rough & Tumble 2023 Kinzers, PA

Antique Gas & Hot Air Engines at Rough & Tumble 2023

Scale Model Gas Steam & Hot Air Engines at R&T 2023

Full Sized Stationary Steam Engines at R&T 2023

Tractors, Shay Railroad, Lineshaft Driven Machine Shop & Oher Good Stuff at R&T 2023

Dublin NH Antique Gas Engine Meet 2023


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I'll be swamped for the rest of the month trying to take all of this in ..... but I'll be in good company here in this swamp!!!
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