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Author Topic: A Jensen 20R difference I discovered that is not on any 20 or 20G I've owned or seen  (Read 29 times)

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I noticed a big difference in all the 20R's I own and have owned that differ from the regular 20's.

This completely suprised me and I never really paid attention to this detail. Honestly it was so subtle I never realized until now. It is present on ever single 20R no matter the position on the board or detail on the engine.

So, check your 20R's and let me know if your has it.

20R has a 90 degree cast on the base near the flywheel and pully.

20 the corners on the cast iron base near the pully and flywheel has been rounded.

I've gone through my entire collection past and present. Every single 20R is square. Every 20 or 20G is rounded.

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I do believe that youve accidently hit "the sweet spot" with your relatively limited research material, and are forming this theory on a collection of engines pre and post the mid 80s, where Jensen changed their mold for 20 bases.

(I dont know when they changed back again, but used to own a 2009 #20 with sharp corners on the base.)
My early 70s 20 here, sits on the exact same type of base as Gils 1973 20R shown above.
Pretty big chance that the 20R setup was decommisioned, before the round corner bases was introduced, thus making it pretty hard to find a rounded corner version 20R.


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