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Author Topic: Covid-19 , what's your story ?  (Read 2031 times)


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Re: Covid-19 , what's your story ?
« Reply #15 on: April 09, 2020, 12:55:58 am »
Well, I'm at home mostly. I'm out occasionally for errands; food, pharmacy, Ace Hardware etc. As long as I have
no symptoms or fever I'll visit mom twice a week. My old workshop is at mom's and I spent some time there preparing
for my Empire B30 chimney project. I've been eating too much, sleeping too little, and watching too much television.
I have,however,been reading a lot which I enjoy and is a much healthier and productive pursuit than my other endeavors. Tomorrow, I have a "telephone office visit" with my doctor scheduled. This will be odd as he is not much
of a talker......I predict a lot of awkward silence followed by a promise to visit again in 3 months and feelings of
Little accomplished. Anyway...... I hope you all,and your loved ones are fine. Mine are, thank God. I hope the world
pulls through this weird situation.
thanks for the encouraging words Paul , I have my 3 mo. Visit coming up with my doctor at the end of the month & kind of wondered how it might come off.

I hope all goes will with your doctor's visit Bruce.
My visits are uneventful because I usually have so little to report. My doctor is really quite good an gets my prescriptions
to my pharmacy straight away.........It's just that he's so quiet! At times it's a bit unnerving. Anyway, despite my tendency towards being .........well, fat, I'm healthy enough and have little to complain about...healtwise that is.
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