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Author Topic: Re-Post: Need Help Identifying Antique Toy Steam Engine  (Read 79 times)


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Re-Post: Need Help Identifying Antique Toy Steam Engine
« on: October 05, 2021, 04:48:37 pm »
My wife inherited a toy steam engine from her Dad. I need help identify it.  Her Dad was born in 1914 so my guess it that it must be from the late 1920’s. Unfortunately at some point he repainted it and turned it into a lamp. There are no decals, stamps, or other markings identifying a maker & model. As you can see, it is missing the pressure relief valve, chimney, and heating lamp. Thoughts about where/how to get these will also be appreciated. Somehow my photo attachments didn't show on my first post.  Hope that it works this time.  Thanks for your help! Wayne


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I think it is a Doll & Cie.

Lots of issues.

Missing Sight Glass

Missing Governor


Missing Smokestack.

To identify it, we would need diameter of the boiler; height and base dimensions.


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Agree with Charlie :)

Appears to be a Doll 354/1 or 354/2 depending on measurements.

Doll 354/1 has a boiler diameter of 63mm, and a cylindercladding diameter of 20mm.
Doll 354/2 has a boiler diameter of 70mm, and a cylindercladding diameter of 22mm.

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...definitely worth the effort to restore it!


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    • Rainer Häusgen
A 1928 DOLL 354/1 should look like this ...

Sharp Greetings from Solingen, Germany - Rainer


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Thanks to everyone for your help.  Yes, it definitely looks like one of the Doll Model 354 steam engines.  Not sure which version it is (1-5).  Here are the dimensions you requested.  Base: 5.25" 133 mm  Boiler Diameter: 10.125" 257 mm  Total Height 12.25" 311 mm - Note: Does not include the missing smokestack.

Based on your comments and comparison with the photos I've now seen the engine is missing the following parts:

Smokestack - missing
Burner - missing
Water Filler Plug - missing
Boiler Sight Glass - missing
Boiler Drain Valve - damaged
Governor - partially missing - the mounting bracket and pully are present

The piston, crank, and flywheel are not frozen and move freely.

Thanks again, Wayne Wright


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