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Author Topic: EOTM Draw from Hat is Now March 14 for April - Please Keep sending Entries - March gets Oilfield_Steam Entry In Memoriam  (Read 33 times)


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Our Engine of the Month draw from the hat has been moved out to March 14th. 

Please keep entries coming in through midnight March 13th (eastern).

We are setting aside the draw from the hat for March EOTM in order to display a photo of one of Scott's engines in memoriam.
Sadly, we lost Scott on February 3rd. 

WE WILL STILL HAVE A POLL.... All the choices will be from Scott's collection so we still get to vote..!



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This is a very good idea Gil, my submitted entry was one of Scott’s engines that took me a couple tries to buy from him. I have moved my 3 engines from Scott out to my main display and look at them everyday.


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March EOTM In Memory of Scott

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