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Trip to the Zoo
« on: November 01, 2020, 01:06:56 pm »
Guy pulls up behind a stalled truck on the highway, asks, "Need a hand"

"You bet," the driver replies, "My truck quit on me, tow truck won't be here for another hour and I have a load of penguins that I have to take to the zoo before closing time, if I give you $50.00 will you do that for me?"

Two hours later the driver arrives at the zoo, there are no penguins in sight and the office is closed so he decides to check on them the next day.

As he is driving home he sees the fellow coming out of the movie theatre with 12 penguins in tow.

"What are you doing?" he shouts, "I paid you to take them to the zoo."

"I did," the fellow replied, "There was money left over so I decided to treat them to a movie as well"
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Re: Trip to the Zoo
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Re: Trip to the Zoo
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