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Author Topic: If you missed it.... Still 2 days remaining to Submit EOTM entries (Engine of the Month)  (Read 35 times)


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There are still 2 days remaining to submit entries in the Engine of the Month contest  (EOTM).All will be placed in a hat and MrsRedRyder and I will film the drawing and publish the video in the EOTM boards area.All entries are welcome first time around. In the future we may request specific categories such as boats, railroad, rollers, TE's, Stirling Cycle, gas, etc.Remember..... all entrants will be returned to the hat for a second draw for one lucky winner of my Twin Cylinder Doll.


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Hey Gil .... how much more time do we have to get our EOTM entries in to you, and what's on offer here anyway??   ;c)
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