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Author Topic: Upcoming show notifications - plus - we need one in Brooklyn  (Read 174 times)


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  I love the pix and descriptions of the 'just happened' shows...nothing here in Brooklyn.
It would be really nice if the SOMEONE would put up a message announcing the dates of
future shows, along with appropriate descriptions.

  If someone in the metro region would like to organize a 'steam-up' and small
engine get-together, well, that would be great.  The only public steam-up I've been
thinking of would be on my front porch, but it would only be for friends and neighbors.
I don't need strangers eyeballing my prizes where I live.  Of course, if you are reading
this, and a steam-up gets planned, I generally trust folks with similar passions, and
with a request an invite would follow.  Right now, I feel like I'm on a desert island
with lots of toys and nobody who cares with whom I can share the moment.  My
wife thinks they are, 'ok' and a bit cool, but the only kick she gets is how happy I
am when I fix a new non-runner and steam it up.

P.S. - if a larger demand somehow, amazingly, turns up, the perfect location for
a show get-together would be...Floyd Bennet Airfield where lots of history happened.
Look it up.  Great access, loads of space, and other hobbyists with RC car racing,
archery, camping, RC airplanes, and vintage aircraft restoration.

Brooklyn steamers, speak up and be counted!


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I hear ya Wayne and wish we weren't all so far spread out in the world!


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Hi Wayne, Show schedules are available.
Here's one for the New England area.

And here is another great directory.
The Farm Collectors Show Directory

This morning Mrs RedRyder and I are going to
The Whately Engine Museum Show in Whately MA.

While not Brooklyn, they are sure out there.



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Thanks for opening and checking this request.

  I'm kind of limited as to how far I can go to check
a show out and see if it suits my interests.  You can
sort of tell what the emphasis is, but you never know
what exciting steam engine will turn up...or not.

  I've gone to plenty of rock and gem shows that did
not set my heart on a fast track, but that may be
because I used to be in that business and am, by
now, a bit jaded (Tucson in February is a cure for that).

So, I'm sure I'll hook up with a good show eventually.



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