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Woburn Waterworks tour
« on: April 05, 2019, 01:22:18 am »
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As posted in the board for full sized steam engines: 

My pals and I discovered a completely undisturbed, secretly kept steam engine and associated apparatus in the Woburn Water Department in Woburn, Massachusetts.  From oil lamps to wall clocks.  A stone's throw from Boston.   With the permission of city officials, four months of work we brought everything in the station to life  and got the engine steaming in November 2018.   It had not run since 1933.  Simply a fairytale story.

Now looking to establish a museum there and run the engine regularly.

If anyone here is interested in a tour, a small tour group can be accepted during normal plant hours during a date which should be talked about and agreed upon here.  The Woburn water department is a secure site and currently entry is not permitted after hours or on weekends.  They were kind enough to allow us to restore the steam engine during their working hours and didn't bother us so long as we made sure not to disrupt plant ops and not stay too long after closing.

If and when we steam the engine up again, I will make a post about it here well in advance.


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