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Author Topic: The ENGINEERS HALL at Our First Annual Global Power-UP  (Read 56 times)


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The ENGINEERS HALL at Our First Annual Global Power-UP
« on: February 13, 2020, 07:32:55 am »
In celebration of our 1 year anniversary,

The Office of Steam will host it’s first Global Power-Up .

Feb 28th (7am EST) to March 2nd (7am EST)

This is our global online engine show.... The Global Power-Up at the Office of Steam Forum.

All types of steam, gas, hot air engines, accessories, boats, railroads, rollers, etc are welcome.

Participants may open a thread in the “Engineers Hall” and call it their table.

The thread titles will read like Nick’s Table, Stilldrillin’s Table, Scorpion2nz’s Table, etc.

In your table thread you can post pictures, videos, and written descriptions, etc.
For those familiar with STWWW it will be similar.

Please stop by “Ye Olde Corner Tavern” for discussions over a wee dram, a pint, a pitcher, a bottle, or a tea at 4 pm. It is open now!


February EOTM Winner:

Joe Higgins - "Inverted Walking Beam Steam Engine"