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Author Topic: Governing a throttle controlled four stroke. Microcosm to the rescue.  (Read 112 times)

Adirondack Jack

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I’m still awaiting delivery of the 32cc inline four OHV four stroke engine. I intend to build a sawmill around it. Perusing the Google, it became obvious that just as they do when converting full scale car engines for stationary use, I’d need a Governor to effectively control engine speed with the intermittent load.
I was surprised how much of a quandary the full scale sawmill  guys were about the whole Governor concept. Of course I don’t even have the engine yet, but the design work for the engine and mill proceed apace. I thought about doing a fan type air vane system, but today the answer came by way of a pop up ad on Facebook. Though designed for steam, the P30 fly ball Governor from microcosm is perfect. The key will be to use the valve actuating arm on the little Governor to drive the throttle. I won’t need the valve per se.  What’s more, it’ll fit nicely with the aesthetic of a stationary engine conversion for a sawmill.
I love it when old tech rescues new.


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