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Author Topic: Need more help. Emachine horizontal hit and miss set screws size  (Read 76 times)


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Can someone with screw size for Emachine horizontal hit and miss. The set screws I started to round off the head. Seems like bad hardware. I need the following sizes and where to buy them , like case hardened.  ???

1) Flywheel screw size , cannot tighten them enough without  rounding off the head. Fly wheel just spins around now cannot spin engine.

2) Counter weight on flywheel regular allen screw. One screw is rounded off.

These small set screws and all small allen head screws are cheap metal. Minute I put some torque on them you can feel the head starting to round off.

And thank you for the help on the previous message . 


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Email Jin at Microcosm or send him a PM. He should be able to provide replacements.

I don’t have one or I would give you the size.

St Paul Steam (Bruce) or Redryder (Gil) should also be ableto help. PM either (or both) of them.


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