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Author Topic: Philip Duclos Six Cycle Hit and Miss Engine, Finished and Ready for Show  (Read 86 times)


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I am putting up this new video of my Philip Duclos six cycle hit and miss engine, as it is now finished, with a proper base, a visible fuel tank, and a rope start pulley.  This was a recent non-runner purchased at the Coolspring Engine Show.  When I got it, it lacked compression.  I discovered that the valves needed lapped in.  I also discovered that the timing was about 60 degrees off, and kept changing, even when properly set.  I replaced the 440 timing gear set screws with ones with bigger external heads so that they could be tightened down enough to keep from shifting while running.  I also did some adjusting to the governor, as well as making a new collar for the flyballs, as they were extending all the way out and getting stuck on the outside of the collar, holding them open constantly.  It was an entire afternoon's work to get it running, but well worth it.  It now runs and looks great!


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I've been looking forward to seeing this run. Well done!



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Ready for show? or ready to send off to me??  ;) :D :D


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Perseverance pay .... Well Done Doug!!!
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