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Author Topic: That time, when you forgot you had the distributer apart and moved the flywheel  (Read 42 times)

Adirondack Jack

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Yup. Had a Hall effect sensor failure on the big inline four, and like a moron I turned the flywheel with the distributor out.
Timing marks? What timing marks? So it was time for a bit of first class redneck engineering. Off with the rocker cover, out with the sparky plugs, easier to turn now, grin.
One shrimp skewer in the number one plug hole becomes a TDC finder, and eyeballing the rockers to insure both number one valves were closed at TDC, and yon sharpie marks the flywheel, with an index mark on the head to go with.

Now once the replacement bits arrive, I can put it back together properly timed.

Bonus, got to see the cute little rocker set up that looks very professional, with the anti-rattle springs to keep the rockers aligned a nice touch. A silly excuse to pull the rocker box open, I know. Grin.


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