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Author Topic: PMR Open for Business, Processing Orders Quickly (PM Research)  (Read 71 times)


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Hey All,
Thought I would share a tiny bit of good news, as like most, was sad to hear Jensen is currently pausing their business.
This morning I placed a small parts order w/ PMR and within a few hours, the order was processed and shipped.

I am betting they would appreciate any extra business they can get right now.

For those not familiar, PMR makes superb kits and parts for hit/miss, flame lickers, steam engines and boilers and I have been thrilled with everything I bought from them and very happy we have a solid domestic supplier for our hobby. Other than a couple online purchases, I have no other relationship w/ PMR.
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PM Research is a tremendous resource and good folks to deal with too!

I highly recommend them and all their offerings that I've had experience with so far.
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Same here. Great service.
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Yep there good folks


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