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Author Topic: Also steam...but a little different - doll stove  (Read 47 times)


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Also steam...but a little different - doll stove
« on: May 23, 2021, 08:13:09 am »

in this post I would like to introduce you to a not everyday handmade electric doll stove.

The doll stove was built by my father-in-law in the late 1950s as a gift for a niece. After she had no more use for it, the stove was given to my wife. She appreciates the doll stove to this day. Initially, the stove was actually used by her as a child as a doll stove. In the 1970s, during her professional training, my wife used the small stove to make coffee or warm soup in her room after work. Today the stove sits on our living room cabinet and is regularly polished to a high shine.
No one in our family would think of giving away the small cooking stove.

The materials used are brass and thin sheet steel. All parts are cut out of the material by hand and filed to shape. Then all parts were joined together with silver solder and neatly plastered. Under the furnace plate is screwed the heating element of an electric iron. The stove has no on/off switch. By plugging the electric cable into the domestic power supply, the oven went into operation. Viewed through the glasses of a modern-day electrician very questionable. But it has worked accident-free for many years until today. Unfortunately, the power cable was lost at some point. However, we still have an electric waffle iron whose cable fits. So I could, if I wanted to, put the stove into operation just for fun.

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What a magnificent family treasure...!!!

So good to see it remaining in your family and thanks for sharing it here!



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Jürgen thanks for sharing this treasure of your wife's made by her father.
Wonderful to read that it works and was actually used as a small heating stove.

Imagine the outcry's of 'dangerous toy' if that was made for sale now. How times have changed.

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That's is really neat & quite attractive. The background story was really interesting and your families obvious desire to treasure it forever is heartwarming.
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   It's a beauty! 
Cheers Bob, I collect mostly German steam stationary engines.


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