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Re: Nitinol engine kit review
« on: June 19, 2021, 12:17:05 am »
Beeswax tea light candle power, but any tea light size candle will do, I recommend beeswax or soy candles over paraffin as they burn much cleaner.

The "bricks" painted on the lower beer can firebox was my idea but kind of a failure, the pin-stripe tape I used to mask was terrible quality, I will repaint that!

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Maintaining 120 deg is no issue for the tiny candle, much like a steam engine I heated 5/8 cup of water in microwave for 1 minute and filled boiler kettle, the engine self started on this water before I even slide the candle under the boiler kettle! It will run approx 2 min after removing the candle as well.

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There is an engine plate to be signed and dated by the builder if desired.

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