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Re: Olde Spanish paper toy steam engine kit
« Reply #30 on: July 12, 2021, 07:33:05 pm »
Many thanks for the kind words, My Reward is just having a couple persons to chat with and share my build is fun for me.

I did make a mistake in my boiler build and I am happy to share so you may Not do the same! I was focus on getting the boiler body tube glued to match the diameter of the end caps really well, with my distractions I glued the "front" boiler cap to the "rear" of!
  If this was the "one and only" time I plan to build this model, I would simply reprint the boiler sheet and redo as cutting out the boiler only takes a couple minutes, however, I have to drive a few miles for print work AND I enjoy the challenge of trying to recover from my mistakes, the bottom half of the boiler is not colored the same as top because it is hidden inside the firehouse and this color scheme is supposed to help prevent the builder from doing just what I did, the simple fix is to "paint" about 1/4 inch of the boiler bottom that hangs out over the firebox door to get it to match. If I had my own printer I Would print a new part sheet. I will post photo of my mistake soon so you can see what Not to do. ;)

New build tip:

I have been using the large sewing needles to scribe fold lines but it occurred to me that I could easily be not holding them flat enough to avoid the point scratching the artwork, I asked paper forum what guys are using to scribe...a few use spent ball point pens but many do not like this option.
  A popular option is a tool I had never seen before.

Google "nail dotting tool"

it seems in the isle where fingernail polish is sold there are these tool sets of handles with small ball sphere on tip, a set will have several size ball tips, females apparently dip these tools in contrast colors to make round polka-dots and other art on there fingernails ::)
  The beauty is the ball shape tip is far less likely to damage your art, And you can test different size ball tips on your paper to get a fold to look how you like....the Down side to purchase these low cost tools is most paper model builders report there GF/Wife/significant "other" often swipe these tools right off your build table when you are not looking causing you to think you are loose your mind as the tool you just set down has vanished away....

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Here is my boiler so far, down near the table you can see the narrow strip of color that was to be the front, I had no marker that matched so I just used black marker(near top) this area will be in the shadow of boiler so perhaps it will not be such a problem.
  Also you may see some light color around the boiler end cap seam, I forgot to pre "paint" the edges before glue and marker does not color glue soaked paper well, the paper guys say the watercolor pencils do better, I just happen to have a set and when I find them I will touch up the boiler end cap.
  As 100# paper IS a wood product, you can also sand it, I find grit in the 400 to 600 range is best, if you go to course the paper will have a torn fuzzy look, I will dress up the boiler seam with 600 grit before the touch up color to get a smoother look.

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