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Author Topic: My Offer From This One is Really Bad. I Would Have Expected More than $7.80  (Read 49 times)


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Attention please
Office of ATM Swift Card department wants you to understand that everything
is in order now the (WORLD BANK) Decided to pay you via ATM
MASTER CARD worth total sum of $7.8 USD  (to me this is 7 dollars and 80 cents)
For activation of your Card pin number and also cover the insurance
coverage to enable you have access of withdraw once you cash up your ATM
Master Card through Cargo Express Delivery Company.
Include your information for immediate Delivery and your Tracking
number will be ready on my next message,
You’re name
You’re country
You’re home address
You’re Tel phone number
You're Occupation
Copy of your ID or Passport
Contact Mr. David Malpass
phone no,+1 (201) 479-0124)
Email:(davidmalpass@a dmin group
Mrs.Cynthia Sayer


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