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Author Topic: SHOW US YOUR OLDEST YouTube VIDEO -- THE FIRST VIDEO YOU UPLOADED to Youtube..!!  (Read 314 times)


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Looks great, Jim..!

I was going to be happy with 1 or 2 engines back then............................!!!!

So ... what happened?!?!

All you bloody guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hmmmmm ............. that seems odd! I don't recall anyone ever twisting your arm, holding a gun to your head or in any other way coercing you into buying rooms full of steam engines. From here it all looked like purely voluntary and joyous participation and involvement.

If somehow I have unduly influenced you into creating an incredible and totally enviable collection of steam engines, then I am truly sorry and I will gladly take it all back ..... so just pack it all up and send it to me .... I'll PM you with my proper shipping address .... and we will mention it no more ..... OKAY?     ;c)

Daniel, its 3.00pm on a Tuesday afternoon here, blisteringly hot, gale force winds and we have out of control bushfires all around us and our only access road has been cut by the fire for three days and your post gave me such a laugh and a chuckle.
Thank you mate

I started playing with steam at about 6-7 years of age with a Weeden 14 handed down from in our family. I believe it was bought new by my father's grandfather, given to his father, who gave it to my Dad, who passed it on to me at a pretty young age. With some friends, we built a too large fire under it in their driveway. I held the safety down with a 2x4 until we had a big head of steam. Then one of them gave the wheel a push and she took off like a bat out of hell. It screamed for about 5 seconds. Then the flywheel disintegrated. It was cast from some sort of lead or lead alloy. I recall one piece of it flying about 50 feet right between two cars and banged the garage door in front of the cars. By a stroke of luck only, none of us were in the line of fire so none were hit by any of it. All the remained of the flywheel was the hub and no more than a half inch of any of the spokes. The rest of it was in pieces scattered all about in both directions perpendicular to the crank shaft. Dad wasn't too pleased and Frank with WeedenSteam was unknown at that time = no new parts source. That was the end of that machine!

The following Christmas, (7-8 months later) my grandparents (other side of the family) gave me a Jensen 55 they had seen me admiring in a local toy store. I was totally surprised and amazed when I opened that box. A year or two later, the heater failed (or a connection). Somehow I saved the engine on it's wood base and lost the boiler and firebox. I never even knew that it was a Jensen 55. It would be in boxes and went though several moves with me over the next 30+ years. Around 1999-2000, my first ebay purchase was a Weeden 648 (electric version of the 14). Followed shortly by a Wilesco D21. It was only then that I found Jensen steam Engines web site and discovered that my old twin cylinder engine was a Jensen 55. This would be the start of a great friendship with Steve (cedge) with Jensen.

I bought a few Jensens and with the help of another new friend, Bill Wheeler. With Bill's guidance, I made a list of 10 Jensens that I felt would make a great collection. No-one had twisted my arm. or so I thought. Well..... almost no one. Fast forward again.... through today there are many times more than 10 Jensens and a variety of other engines.  I figured out who twisted my arm..... It was me...!!!



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