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Author Topic: M91 water cooled vertical H&M. A recap.  (Read 291 times)

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Re: M91 water cooled vertical H&M. A recap.
« on: May 24, 2021, 06:35:06 pm »
If I were running and storing mine in a dedicated space, I’d probably use pump gas.
But I’m not. I needed a reliable fuel that also is relatively safe to store, and has a decent shelf life, as well as lower harmful emissions. That means a fuel designed for use without a catalytic converter. Tru fuel ships by ups and is shelf stored in retail spaces. Though I suctioned most of the unused fuel from the tank a month or more ago, using a syringe, I didn’t get it all. The engine sat on a shelf in my living room. I never smelled any odor. It had developed a slipping flywheel when last run, and when finally I got around to replacing the set screws, I noticed fuel in the line when I turned the flywheel. After thumb choking, it started right up repeatedly on the little fuel left, despite the dreaded “oil pipe bubbles” they warn about.  Honestly, I only have indoor storage. Tru fuel can be stored indoors. It came in a ziplock as well as the screw top can. I store the can under my bathroom sink, in a closed space with no electricity and no sunlight. No odor, and it’s shelf stable for years.


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